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We help cool people build great companies.

Growth in business do onboard associated challenges. While many of these are ‘good problems’ to have, success essentially depends on how effectively growth is managed. At FinLead, we walk with our clients to address such challenges intelligently and effectively.

Over the years, FinLead team has guided numerous entrepreneurs through their ideation, growth and funding journey. Our differentiation is quite simple – we understand business and we know to think in our client’s shoes! We deliver actionable insights to our clients and help them create killer strategies for success. Our outsourcing business has helped numerous companies to optimise processes and control costs and focus on key areas they are best at!

What Our Clients Say

Ani Abraham Joy

“We approached Finlead when we wanted help in accounting & closing of books of accounts and were impressed with both their knowledge of the process and their approachability. The team were courteous, professional and user-friendly throughout the process.
The leadership team – Kannan, Sandheep and Tony – provides an outstanding service and is extremely efficient. Their professional attitude is a great reflection on Finlead. Working with them is indeed a pleasure. SectorQube looks forward to a continuous growing relationship with Finlead and recommend them without hesitation.”

Ani Abraham Joy

COO, Sectorqube
Jyothis Joseph​

We approached Finlead with a strong reference from our friends who had worked with Finlead before. While we were expecting a usual rigid and laid back finance team, Finlead’s professionals came in as a pleasant surprise. All of them were tech savy and had deep knowledge about the IT industry. Their experience in transaction advisory came in much handy during our acquisition process, creating a win-win for all parties. The team is young, dynamic and has previously completed multiple US – India transactions. We’re sure we’ll be working with them again.


Jyothis Joseph​

CEO, Ideamine

Exceptional service that shows Finlead is committed to providing professional services of the highest quality. And not just in financial matters but in many areas that impacted my business and my life. They are the best at what they do and I love the way they do it.


CEO, ShipNext

I am delighted to see, your professional way to handle your assignments and a personalized touch by your manager Sooraj, I am specifically impressed with your workflow system that never allows you to skip any significant instruction. I regularly attend the local and influential business group networking events and it has been a pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to these groups on what is a breath of fresh air in the Accounting industry in this area.


CEO, Heartbeat Education

FinLead was the accounting partner for Simplio for several years till its acquisition in 2017. We met FinLead through a strong reference from one of our shareholders and I should say it was totally worth it. We were an Online travel agency based in the US and we had operations across the globe. This industry is tough because of its complicated rules and contract terms and tougher it is when you have to deal with multilingual B2B vendors and customers from all over the world – we were excited to see the ease at which FinLead handled it – we moved our entire accounting to their Indian office. I have floated another company now and working with them is one thing that I miss! Looking forward to engaging FinLead again, as soon as I am past the bootstrapping stage.


CEO, Simplio
Rajith Nair

FinLead has a rare blend of expertise that includes commercial, legal, compliance and accounting aspects. Kannan, in particular, has the ability to find brilliant and innovative resolutions to complex problems. Team FinLead’s strong subject matter knowledge and their ability to comprehend, interpret and articulate in a precise and concise manner is highly commendable and requires a standing ovation. I strongly recommend FinLead as a great partner.

Rajith Nair

CEO, Inntot

FinLead happened to us at the right time. They have stood with us and helped us in navigating through some real tough times. FinLead founding team have worked closely with us in our cap table structuring, Business and financial model design and validation and they continue to do so. What makes them standout in terms of working with startups is that they have the DNA of a startup and they know how the startup entrepreneurs work. One of the lessons we have learned from our startup journey is that You need to have a partner like FinLead from day one.


CEO, Campper
James Joseph

I have had a great experience working with Finlead for raising funds for our Startup, God’s Own Food Solutions Pvt Ltd. Finlead’s, professionalism, technical expertise, ability to navigate through tough problems and offer win-win solutions for both parties, stood out all through our engagement. Indeed a trustworthy partner for Startups.

James Joseph

Managing Director, God’s Own Food Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We had a modest start in August 2014 as a sole proprietary firm of CA Kannan Surendran, focussed on audit, taxation and finance consulting. We were soon to realise the need to shift focus from traditional accounting practice to niche services. In May 2015, CA Kannan Surendran alongwith CA Sandheep Prakasan and CA Tony Sajan founded the brand FinLead as an outsourcing and advisory firm with whole focus in startup consulting and international accounts outsourcing. Team FinLead executed a number of international outsourcing and offshoring assignments in the initial years to mature itself into a full fledged outsourcing firm.

In the Consulting business, Team FinLead handled considerable number of start up investments and M&As in 2015 & 2016 consolidating our position in startup advisory practice. FinLead today is a very strong brand for start-up advisory & transaction advisory services. Preparatory works (financial modeling in particular) that we offer for startup clients before they pitch to the investors/VC, has been the flagship of our start-up advisory practice.

We were early to realize the impact of technology and analytics in finance domain. We imbibed technology and analytics to the DNA of our team quite early. Inducting Nishant Balan as Co-founder in 2016, we acquired a technology outsourcing business (Logiticks) and also inked joint venture for specialised data analytics with Coney Tax B.V (now known as ‘Delfos International).  

In 2018, the existing businesses under the brand FinLead has been consolidated and rechristened under FinLead Innovations Private Ltd. At FinLead Innovations, we develop fintech IPs (powered by data analytics and artificial intelligence) for use in commercial and investment banking. Evolving quite quickly over the years, the brand FinLead transformed itself from a small accounting firm to a full fledged Fintech Company – We now have a large team of of Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Developers and Data Scientists and Analysts spread across Kochi, Bangalore, Seattle, Rotterdam and Odessa.

Our Clients have always been the ambassadors of our success and growth. We love to go the extra mile for all of them. Our journey continues and yes, we have miles to go before we sleep!!

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Sandheep Prakasan

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Sajan

Chief of Consulting

Nishant Balan


Kannan Surendran

Group MD & CEO